#1 The Journey to being a Senior Sixer

It was when I was primary 3 when I was interested in being in a uniformed group, Scouts, mostly because of Nixen and Eyra. (Sorry if I spelt it wrongly) At first, I was interested with Robotics, as I like being with computers, but when I was at the course for scouts, they overwhelmed me with all the things I can do in scouts, like doing presentations, doing proficiency badges, getting to meet great people, and that was true. Some people complained that the uniform is too hot, while the others complained that it is too troublesome to change to the uniform. Why? Our teachers already emphasized that that is what makes us unique, and what makes us Scouts. I admire Nixen and Eyra (Sorry if I spelt it wrongly) because they know how to work together, and loves scouting.

-To be continued-

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