How to use iPad and Apple Pencil (optional) and control your PC



Hey everyone! I think most of you are familiar to controlling your MacBooks with your iPads! But have you ever wondered how to do that on your PC? Don’t worry! It is not a hard task, and it will help you draw on your computer if you have the Apple Pencil!


Step 1: Installing the apps

Go to this website and install the apps on both of your devices, the iPad and the PC. On the iPad, you will be redirected to Apple App Store, and you will be able to install the app.

For PC, you will have a .exe file format, open it and complete the steps. Don’t worry, it will guide you along the way!


Step 2: Setting up your devices

Once you have installed the app, open the app on both of your devices and click wifi manual connect again, on both of your devices. On the iPad, a QR Code scanner will appear, and at the PC, the QR Code you are supposed to scan on from the iPad will appear. To connect, scan it from your iPad.

Step 3: Enjoy!

With that, you have connected your iPad and your PC together for you to be able to control your PC wirelessly from your iPad! If you like drawing, you can finally use your iPad and draw on your PC! Another post about the apps I recommend you installing on your computer that will allow your iPad to write on your computer will be published next time, so make sure you often check on this website!

Have a nice day!

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