How do we learn a new language?



Have you ever wanted to know how to learn a new language but do not know how to do so? This post will show you which website you can look at to learn a new language!


This website allows everyone to learn a new language for free. Although it is not perfect, we are able to learn new languages easier with this website.

If you plan to use Duolingo to learn Korean, for example, you are able to go through lessons which will test you on what you have learnt, and help you learn the language.

Apart from that, you are able to learn letters by going on the letters tab.

Lastly, you have the shop tab which allows you to buy things.

Unfortunately, the review feature costs money. However, you may not need the review feature.

Ultimately, Duolingo is a good option for you to learn a new language.

YouTube Channels

This can be a great supplement for your language learning. From Seemile Korean to Learn Japanese with, it will definitely teach you a thing or two.

Listen to Podcasts

There are many podcasts in Apple Music or Spotify that can teach you a new language! If you plan to learn Korean, the podcast will be great!

I hope you will be able to benefit from the resources that are listed here! Don’t give up!

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