I am Jing Yao from Maris Stella High School. From Punggol Green Primary School (where I started scouting), I created this website in hopes of sharing my scouting journey to everyone, and blogging about my personal experience. I aspire to continue my scouting journey and be the best that I can be.

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Overview of my scouting journey:

  1. Cub Scouts

I was honoured to serve Punggol Green Marlin Cub Scouts as a Senior Sixer, together with Zelda Chia. Together, we were the highest-ranked members of our unit. We had the opportunity to plan different events and help make the unit a better place for everyone to learn and enjoy scouting. One of the more memorable parts of being a senior sixer is having the opportunity to share and influence other people. For example, I used my website-making skills and shared them with my juniors.

Apart from that, being able to participate in the National Day celebration in school was also a very meaningful experience for me. I was able to take part in the flag-bearing segment of the national day event, and through the preparations for it, I felt accomplished that I could represent my school in this.

During my three years in Cub Scouts, I managed to get the Akela Award (the highest achievement one can get from Cub Scouts) after vigorous preparation and going through an interview process. On top of that, I was also awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Award.

My Cub Scout journey is a very fruitful and eventful one, that shaped the way I am today. I chose to continue pursuing my scouting journey and decided to use Direct-School Admission (DSA) using Scouts. After selecting Edgefield Secondary School, Holy Innocents Secondary School and Maris Stella High School for DSA, I received my acceptance letter to all three of these schools. In the end, I chose Maris Stella High School as my secondary school. From then, my scouting journey continued in the Phantom Scouts unit.

To learn more about my primary school journey, do read more on the “Journey to Being a Senior Sixer” blog series where I covered most of my experiences in Cub Scouts.

To learn more about my DSA experiences, go to this post.

2. Phantom Scouts