Apps to install on your computer to annotate with your iPad

Please see the previous post before this to understand more about setting up your iPad and PC to allow your iPad to control your PC before looking on this.

Hi everyone! I am going to share with you apps that will allow you to annotate with your iPad on your computer!


Activinspire (Free)

Although there is a Professional plan for this product, there is also a free plan which will suit your needs! To install this app, go to this website

This app is meant for Teachers to create interactive lessons, but its ok for you to use that app for this purpose!


Microsoft OneNote

You can install the Microsoft OneNote app to write on your iPad to your computer. You might ask why do that if the OneNote app is available on the iPad, but on the PC, you have a keyboard.


Unlike the iPad app, you are allowed to save as pdf when you annotate on the Zoom Desktop app, making it easier for you to share it with other people!



I recommend you to use Activinspire as not only you can use that app for writing notes, you can create fun presentations.

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