Best scanning apps on phone!

Hi everyone! Today, I am going to share with you the best scanning apps on your phone!


What are scanning apps and their uses?

Before we start, let’s make sure we are on the same page by explaining to you what are scanning apps meant to do!

Have you ever tried to use your phone camera to capture documents? Scanning apps will be your dream! Whenever you use your camera app to take documents, you will have to live with the blurriness when you zoom in the photo, making it hard to see. But in scanning apps, they allow you to have better quality document capturing and many more useful features!

It can help you to share documents without typing them out which can save a lot of time!

With that cleared, here are some of the best scanning apps I use:



This is a very powerful app. It allows you to store files online and scan documents in the free plan! When scanning, there is this very helpful auto crop feature that does not require you to crop the image yourself manually.


Adobe Scan

It is not surprising that the Adobe Scan app will be one of the best scanning apps, because it is made by a company which produces great products. However, cloud storage is not available for free in Adobe Scan, unlike CamScanner.


Microsoft Lens

This is another great app which is quite similar, without the feature to store files to OneDrive automatically though



I think CamScanner is the best simply because of the cloud storage and how the app gives quality scans!

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