Bronze Arrow

Track and Trail

1) Make a chart or model showing tracking sign

2) Either lay a trail for others to follow or follow a trail

Know My Country

1) Find out about your home country

Singapore was founded as a British trading colony in the early 19th century. It gained self-governance from the United Kingdom in 1959 and in 1963, joined the Federation of Malaysia. In 1965, it left the federation and became independent as the Republic of Singapore. Today, Singapore is a bustling metropolis in Southeast Asia and home to one of the world’s busiest ports.

Other interesting facts about Singapore:

Singapore is one of 3 city-states in the world. The other 2 are Monaco and Vatican City.

Singapore consists of one main island and 62 smaller islets.

Singapore is home to the world’s first night zoo, Singapore Night Safari.

Singapore has a unique language, Singlish.

Singapore pioneered the first F1 night race.

2) Using the information from (1), make a poster to showcase something special about your country to show visitors from overseas

Good Turns

1) Keep a diary of good turns for a week showing how you have helped other people. Include at least a photo of yourself in action too!

31 July 21: Adopted 5 children’s wishes by granting their wishes and sending their presents to the Girls Brigade. Wishes include lego set, barbie doll, color pencils, UNO stacko and UNO cards.

1 August 21: Gave my used clothes and toys which are still good to the needy through the Salvation Army.

2 August 21: Helped my mother to wash the dishes after dinner.

3 August 21: Helped my mother to vacuum the floor.

4 August 21: Helped my classmates with homework through an online zoom meeting.

5 August 21: Helped my father start his blog on investments.

6 August 21: Returned trays after finishing my meal at the hawker centre.

First Aid

1) Know the importance of First Aid and know how and when to get adult help

First Aid is important as it is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from a minor illness or injury so as to prevent the condition from worsening or to promote recovery. If the first aider is unable to keep the condition under control, adult help should be sought.

2) Design and conduct a First Aid activity or game

My Scout Promise

1) Make up and share a simple prayer using words or pictures about your hobbies, friends or anything you would like to thank God for.

I am thankful that I have a lot of friends, teachers and family that is very supportive of me.

2) Write a diary entry and then share it with Akela about how you have tried to put your Scout promise into practice in your daily life.

19 August 2021: After school, I did my homework, and improved on my scouts website.

(From “I will do my best”)

My Scout Family

1) Find out what the progress scheme badges and top awards of each section are

World Scout Badge: This is is the basic badge which every Scout is required to complete to become a full-fledged Scout. They must understand the Law and Promise.

– Bronze Arrow: This is the first of the Arrow badges and the first step in the Cub’s Scouting journey.

– Silver Arrow: This is the second of the Arrow badges.

– Gold Arrow: This is the last of the Arrow badges.

– Akela: This is the highest award that a Cub can achieve.

2) Take part in a Group, District, Area, National or joint-pack activity, then write about what you felt about, and learnt from the activity.

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