• What makes a good plan for your holiday?

    When the holidays came, you probably thought of your favourite game Minecraft and what you should watch on Disney+. Those ideas are great, but we need to revise our work, especially if you are taking the PSLE this year! Therefore, good planning is necessary for your holidays, and in this post, I will share with…

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  • Holidays Special – What should we do?

    Hey everyone! How are you! The march holidays has officially started, and if you are starting to get bored from the holidays, just refer to this post! 1. Walk in the malls Are you the type of person who enjoys going to malls? Well I know I am these type of people! Even though you…

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  • What I have been doing this week

    Daily Scheldule I have a schedule everyday for what subject I have to work for! Of course that will not be included here. Only the unordinary events will be shown! So my holidays are actually way boring then you expected it to. 22 Nov 2021: Booo! Holidays have already started! Once I woke up, my…

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