CLTC June 2021 Recap (Day 1)

I have been selected for the CLTC June 2021 Programe! I was so excited as it will be conducted during the June holidays, and I can meet my friends and teachers during the session conducted online!

When I join the session, I saw my friends, teachers, and a facilitator. He was a Secondary 3 student, and he will be guiding us for the CLTC Programme.

When the session starts, we got to know more about our Patrol. We wen’t to a google slides, and entered our information like this:

Name of memberOne Interesting FactJing Yao I made a scouts website

What I have entered


After that, I have read all of the entered information and got to know more about my patrol. We then moved on and created a name for our group, and came out with “Elite Marlin”

We also grouped all of us into groups like this:

RolesMembersPresenting SlidesSixer—–——Encourager—–——Time Keeper————Resource Manager—–——-Recorder————

Which role do you want to be?


But however, that’s not the main point for the camp!

We will have to select one of the 2 tasks, and complete it! We have chosen the first option (coming up with a day camp) and did some brainstorming!

After that, we did the plan, the Information collected for it, the objective of the camp and the location.

After filling up all the information, we are done with the camp! But before that, we did some reflection for the day.

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