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Hi everyone! If you have just bought an Apple Pencil and you do not know which apps to annotate!


It is not surprising that people use this to annotate on their iPads because everyone is very familiar with this app and probably already installed this app! Just login to the zoom app, start a meeting, and start a Whiteboard or screen share a website! For added security, you can also lock the meeting.


+ Allows us to highlight, write, type in text and draw shapes

+ It looks very simple

+ You can annotate websites


– You can only save the annotations as an image, not pdf

– The select tool does not help you to copy annotations and delete them

– There is no copy and paste

– You cannot put images on the whiteboard/website


Apple Notes

This app is already in your iPad, and you won’t have to go through the installing process! Let’s see why I like this app so much, and why this app is not that great


+ Not only does it allow you to annotate, it also allows you to scan documents, add a list and put links in there!

+ It has all of the features that is needed for beginners

+ Allows you to write, highlight, select, and add texts!

+ If it’s a secret file, you are able to lock it


– Not able to share as pdf



It is a good app for you to annotate! Here are some cool things about this app

  1. Being able to collaborate with others
  2. Import pdf files and annotate it
  3. Export as pdf
  4. Add text
  5. Interface could be better
  6. Easy to use


Final verdict

If you want a simple, and easy to use app for you to annotate, I will highly suggest you to use apple notes.

However, you can use collanote to annotate if you want better features, that immediate users will use! Overall, I think if Apple Notes and Collanote are able to merge together, it will be wonderful!

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