Girls Brigade

Hi teachers, please refer to:

Bronze Arrow

(Note that this is not the webpage for silver arrow, and click here for the silver arrow page)

to see what I did for the Girls Brigade, and I will want to help the Girls Brigade by raising money, and buy what the people want. Please visit for more information about this.

We can ask them if we can help them do the following:

The cub scout group can be separated into these few teams:

  1. The designer team

For the designer team, they can design posters and upload them to social media, and in the school.

  1. The video making team

This team will have to make videos, and remind us that even when we donate something cheap, it still means a lot to them.

  1. The packing team

This team will help the Girls Brigade pack all the gifts, and help pass them to the people who wanted that item.

Thank you so much for spending your time to read on how I will want to help the Girls Brigade, and I hope you have a nice day


Jing Yao

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