Honest experiences of being an “actor”

Hey everyone! Before this, I want to say that we will have 2 posts here today so don’t miss out on them! I am going to tell you how is it like being an actor and some of you will be very surprised on the process doing shows as it might come out very stressful! I will also answer some questions on the way.


When shooting the video

Most directors and their team are quite stressed out and impatient especially when that time when I was shooting a video, we only had 4 hours of time to shoot it! You might think that’s lots of time but in the video you will see later, lots of people are there and we seriously cannot waste any time!


How will the BTS (behind the scenes) crew feelings impact everyone ITS (in the scenes)?

Imagine you are P6 PSLE exam week and everyone still don’t know how to do Algebra (the first topic in P6 btw)… how will the teacher feel? The same way as the BTS crew! And you might imagine the scene: People not focusing….. careless… and then the teacher over there scolding everyone….. that’s how it happened that day! The traffic was a little bad that day that lead me to being late, and I rushed up the stairs, which made me very tired… at that time, everyone was rehearsing getting ready for the performance while the BTS was preparing for the shoot. As I was very tired from the flight of stairs, my actions weren’t that great for my Teacher’s expectation, and he told me to walk to the front seat. As I wear socks, and the floor will be slippery, I slowed down my steps. When my teacher count from 1-5 and I have not reached the chair, the teacher told me to go back and do it again. After that, he told me to look at the rest of the people’s actions. He was a little pissed off as you can see clearly, and other late people gotten scolded too. If it’s in school, I think you guys will already hate the teacher so much but in the acting world, you don’t have a choice as it’s like that.


What happened when you are shooting?

Some scenes that were supposed to show up didn’t because my team members were distracted and not doing it right for a few tries, making the teacher having no choice but to cancel the scene. After that, a person was not focusing too and they gotten scolded too. That person almost did not manage to get into the scene. Everything needs to be fast.


What happened after the shooting was successful?

Everything changed and the teacher became much kinder noticeably as the stress was being shaken off. We managed to play some other games and ended that lesson

Is it always like that

I think so, because a lot of people are there and we do not want to waste everyone’s time


How do we see the show?

I’m sorry but it’s in Chinese, so for the people who don’t understand Chinese, maybe you can watch the back part where I dance and show off stuff… here is the video link:


The first part is just showing where our classrooms are so you can skip those.

Hope you enjoy that video! Remember I will post another blog today tonight!

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