How to login to Google Drive with your Asknlearn School Account on your phone

Do you know that if your school subscribes to Asknlearn and allow you to use google drive, the storage inside it is unlimited (at least my school) which allows you to store as many files as you want? So after hearing this, you most probably already want to install the google workspace apps into your phone! But however, logging in to your account in Asknlearn is very tough because there is a bug! And you will know what is the bug later.

Step 1:

In case you don’t know what apps to install, you should install Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Photos. Google Drive allows you to access all of your files, Google Docs allows you to edit your documents (like word), Google Slides allows you to edit your presentations, Google Sheets allows you to edit your spreadsheets and Google Photos allows you to backup and view your photos!

Either go to the Google or Apple App Store and install all of the apps mentioned!

Take note that if you are not the main owner of the phone, please ask the owner for permission before doing this!

Step 2:

Open up Google Drive and click sign in, and type in your asknlearn email.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the asknlearn login page. If you try to login from there, there will be a bug where you won’t be able to do that even if you type in the correct information. To login, you will have to scroll down and click the button “need help”

Step 4: Click on Parent’s Guide

Step 5: once the page loads, click this

Click the link I circled in black


Step 6: Enter your school, and login to your account

Step 7: Go to google drive

Step 8: Exit the web browser

Step 9: Login with that account again

And that will allow you to login the asknlearn account on your phone! Enjoy!

Jing Yao

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