How to use OBS Studio

In this post, I am going to teach you how to use OBS Studio.

Installation Process

Before we even use OBS Studio, we will have to install it. Please click the button below to go to their official webiste, and download the app:

obs studio


After you install the app and launched it, you might feel it is a little confusing.

Not to worry though… I will help you go through all the steps to use this app and record a video!

Firstly, you have to add a scene:

At the scene section, please click the plus sign, and name your scene

Once you are done doing that, click the plus icon at the sources tab:

Since you will want to record a video, it is recommended for you to choose display capture. If you want, you can edit the settings and click “ok”

If you want, you also can use window capture. Name the window capture and if wanted, edit the settings and click “ok”


If you want face camera, please click plus on source again, and click video capture device. Name it, and edit the settings if you want, and when you are done with that, click “ok”

Once you are done with those and want to edit how big and how small the screen and video capture is, click it, and resize it!

To record, click the start recording button at the controls tab

Once you are done recording, click stop recording.

Have fun recording!

Jing Yao

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