Journey to being a Senior Sixer is back with 2 stories in one!

I’m sorry… I love doing this series but something happened to me! I have not posted in months from now! So, to repay you, I will have to dig my memory and find out what makes me now!

But first, let me tell you! I made a big jump from me learning in scouts to national day and to world scouts day!!!

How could I…. So the 2 topics I will share today are the ones that happened before the National Day and the World Scouts Day!

Topic 1: Making a website

Well now, this website is not that famous but… if there are people who come to my website regularly, they will know why I made this website…. Because I want to make a website better than the google sites… but… why do I want to make the google sites website? It’s because I want to show off? Because of the coronavirus? Well no…. Everyone complains that in scouts, not only you will have to bring your uniform and wear them during lunch time, we will have to bring our scouts logbook, and the record book!

So everyone reading this blog will be “scouts is so bo liao (so silly)”

Well, I don’t think so! Im actually one of the few people who even cared to decorate my scouts book, but actually, it is a must for us to do it according to the teachers! What’s funny is that (according to my brain) teacher gave us a whole December holiday for us to do it, which is the longest school holiday here in Singapore!

The reason why I think I don’t find it silly is because I like scouts the way it is! I like to jot down what happens when I’m in scouts, research and explore and jot down the information in my jotter book, as well as to read my book!

So, what makes me interested in making a website is because I like to use the computer! Everyone of you will be like “lame…”

Well at least I don’t have to…

Why making a scouts website is good:

  1. Carry heavy notebooks. Instead. I will bring foolscap paper to school and write them there, and use OCR technology and voila! I can copy and paste the words, and post ‘em!
  2. More productive- if you use the computer, and get to type posts when you’re at home, wouldn’t it be better that writing it? Not only will you have to put paper in front of the computer (which is for research) and make your space messy, you are wasting time writing, you are also wasting your energy!
  3. Backup – Honestly, I don’t use this feature… because I trust the company that makes my website comes alive. But I better use that feature! So, if you want to backup, it’s way easier that scanning every page of your book! With a matter of clicks, I can already download a file which contains all the website files!
  4. It’s on the cloud – you don’t have to worry about where is your website or where is the page! In the cloud, you can always certainty find the website by searching the website name! For mine: (new url:
  5. Makes my teachers at ease – they can always track my progress at home when they check into my website! No need to take pictures, visit teachers house or let teachers carry heavy books!
  6. You have me! This is an add on in case you want to create a website! You can easily WhatSApp me what trouble you are having!
  7. You have support team backing you up- for some website hosting companies, like mine, even the free plans allow you to communicate with the support group if there are any problems


So, at my google sites website, everything looks unprofessional, maybe because it’s free, and developed by Google which focuses of course other products that they own.

So, I figured out WordPress, what I’m using now, to make a professional website. I am currently in a paid plan, but can you believe you can have this website in the free plan as well?

So, I started finding companies that gave me free plans, and I found one company which does give free hosting, but only 300MB of storage space which is too little! This website is not even close to that!

But I did not realize that. I continued using it and the website disappears as I used too much storage space

You can imagine how frustrated I was. Working on one website for the whole day, and in the end, poof! Nothing.

So then, I found awardspace. It’s free version is very attractive, and this website in fact is hosted by awardspace! It is a reliable service, and I really enjoy making websites!

I started installing WordPress, editing the theme, and adding new posts!

It is very fun doing things… however…..

I started downloading one particular plugin which is not a scam plug-in, but still, it destroyed my website.

As the support team did not know how my previous website looks like, they cannot help me amend the settings. I was devastated. Then, I had an idea to install a new theme, and it worked!

I was elated. I thought my website is not going to work.

During world scouts day, which you can see that post in this series too, my teacher told me to create a presentation about creating websites! I wanted to do that, to inspire people to create websites, and make the teachers see our progress any time of the day!

Shortly after when I go back home, I created the presentation halfway.

Then, I have to attend to another scouts session! I told the teacher about my progress, and they told me to invite Zelda and present this together.

The presentation day have finally came! Me and Zelda were very worried because we have figured out that our drive have lost the file!

I tried to go to my backup area, but I had trouble logging in! I could not reset my password as my password reset email was from my parents email!

We had no choice but to just go to a new google sites and explain it from there with no slides.

In a blink of an eye, an hour passed. After the time passed, I briefly said to then their post lesson task, which is to go to my website and complete a task.

There was supposed to have 2 sessions. But the coronavirus had spread so bad that even CCAs cannot be conducted in school. We could not host a meeting as Zelda did not want to do it, and we have to wait. But the problem is, I have been waiting until today! I wish I could conduct the session…


So, I have actually explained everything that is important to me in my scouting journey! So, my plans for next time is to do posts about this topic when there is something important that I have to write about!

I hope you have a nice day and I see you in the next post!

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