More about Mr Xie (Please read the Golden Arrow Post first before reading this!)

As the head of health redesigning of Alexandria Hospital, he is constantly concerned about healthcare for future population. As there is a decreasing population of youths in Singapore, there are fewer youths to work in hospitals. He hopes that there would be more hospitals, doctors and many more nurses as many hospitals are short of nurses. He added that jobs have no gender so if we do want to pursue a certain job that is dominated by the other genders, we should still try.

His concerns

He hopes to have a more inclusive society in Singapore. As a multicultural country, we should also accept others who have mental disorders or special needs, people who experience abuse, unprivileged families, seniors and elderlies. We should also worry and look out for others, especially when they are going through a tough time, no matter if it is money or even their mental stability

Learning Outcomes

We had reflections of last year’s peak of COVID – 19 issues. We learnt the simple gestures of resilience and how Singapore has and will be demonstrating resilience.

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