Plug-ins I use in WordPress that are very helpful to me!

Hello! If you want to create a WordPress website, you will almost certainly want to install a plug-in, as it will help you make your website function better!

Please understand that plug-ins can actually destroy your website, so be sure to backup your website, and if you have not, please click me to go to a post that will help you do that!

To be honest, when I install a new plugin I do not really be as cautions like this but I really should do this! By installing the plugins I recommend here, I do not hold any blame for any damage to your website! If you want, you can contact me by clicking me if your website is damaged and you want me to help you fix it! (Update: I moved from WordPress to wix)

How do you install and activate a plugin?

Firstly, you will have to know how to do just that! Go to your admin page ( and login! After that, hover over plugins, and click add new

After that, type your desired plugin here

And once you found a plugin you want, click install now.

And click activate it!

What plugins I use

Now that you know how to install plugins, here are the plugins I use!


Have you been using the classic editor to edit all your posts and pages? Please do not do that, because this plugin will make it a whole lot easier!

This is how it looks like! Doesn’t it look way cleaner?

There is more! Once you click the plus sign, you will see a lot of functions you can use! Feel free to explore them!

After finishing up your post or page, click publish and publish again to make your page or post go online!

Yoast SEO

This plugin allows me to check how my post can improve

How my website will look like when searching for it in google

And when all of that is good, do you know that Google Search will show your website in their search results? That is because Google will see which posts or page will be most suitable for the people to see!

Wordfence Security

This is a plugin I really appreciate!

As you can see, this plugin helps secure my websites from hackers, spammers and people who want to do harm to my website, or at least people who are being suspicious!


Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin! It has a similar function to the previous plugin I have shared, and allows me to install the WordPress app on my phone and connect this website to my phone, which will allow me to make posts on my phone!

Another cool feature about this plugin is that it allows me to put share buttons (the buttons you see after this post), and that we can also speed up our website with Jetpack, by enabling lazy load images, which loads images that viewers have scrolled to, but not loading the whole website at once!


Thank you for reading this post! Note that all of the plugins are either a free or a freemium (products that have free features as well as paid ones) product which you do not need to spend money anything!

Hope you have a nice day

Jing Yao

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