Student Leader’s Investiture

Last week, I went for the Student Leader’s Investiture, where I was officially appointed a member of the student council.

During the investiture, I thought of the different things I have experienced as a student leader-in-training, and am grateful for the different opportunities I got.

Here are some of the different things I have done as a student leader-in-training.

Went to Punggol Secondary School for Pongal Festival

To learn more about other cultures, I went to Punggol Secondary School and learnt more about Pongal, a traditional festival of Indian culture.

Afterwards, I made a presentation about it in class, allowing our class to have a greater understanding about other cultures.

PA Duty

I have been the 4 lucky student leaders who were selected to do PA duty, where we are in charge of the projectors, screen, audio speakers and microphones to ensure morning assemblies and school events happen smoothly.

I have also met new friends along the way, like Liam, Hong Shuo and Gideon, who supported me along the way.

Some events I helped out for PA duty are:

  • Morning Assemblies
  • DSA Sharing
  • Prize Presentation Ceremonies

I look forward continuing my journey as a PA councillor, and am excited to continue doing my best.

Backstage PA duty during band performance
Morning Story on International Friendship

I will include this here although it is a duty I have of a Marist Ambassador, not one of a student leader.

I had a great time preparing for my Morning Story, where I managed to learn more on how I was able to speak effectively to a larger audience.

I was also grateful for Ms Tay’s help towards my morning story, and how she sacrificed her time to guide me in practicing my speech.

To learn more about my morning story, click me.

I am confident that such experiences would be able to help me in the future as a student leader. I am proud of how far I have come, and would continue to serve the school as a councillor.

Very soon, I will be helping out with many other events, and would be able to learn new things.

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