The Journey to Being a Senior Sixer #4

It was an afternoon, me Zelda and the senior sixers are going to a room (beside Playto room). At first, me and Zelda did not know what is happening because that was our first time me and Zelda are selected for the national day event. We were nervous and relieved, as we will be in a livestream, but it is better because they will not be next to us (because of the COV-19). Mr He then explained that we are supposed to march in the hall, towards the stage with the school flag following behind. After that, the people holding on the national flag will have to fold it, and shortly after, the person who is holding on the school flag will go to his/hers right, and present it to the prefects. While that happens, the rest of the group marches to the left, and one of them presents the flag to the prefects. When the person presents the national flag and school flag to the prefect, the prefect will put it on the pole, and while that happens, the person presenting it will march back and create a horizontal line. As told, the national song will be played, and we are supposed to stand still, and recite the pledge after.

==Then, we went to the hall and practiced==

-To be continued-

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