Tips and Tricks to live in the December holiday

I’m genuinely sad now with the fact that the teachers teaching our classes might change… also if you know Ms Heng from PGPS, she told us to revise our science when we met her during dismissal. Nevertheless, let me tell you how to make your holiday a fruitful one.

Organize your day

Please make a calendar whether it is the old school way of using a spreadsheet app, and create one calendar, or the modern way of using the Calendar app to organize your day! By doing this, you will be able to be on time (not in time 😊 get it?) and you will be able to not feel very stressed!

Listen to Ms Heng

For the first part, please listen to Ms Heng, but don’t forget to also learn the other subjects! This is because you can have a head start for next year! By studying, I mean bringing out the P6 textbooks and reading them, so when teacher is teaching us next year, it will be a refresher! Don’t worry this is the first tip! Not all of the tips will be as stressful as this so don’t be sad!

Play some games with your family!

Family bonding times are always the best! You can watch movies, go out for a walk, or play some online multiplayer games, or some of you may prefer, TokTik! These will help you to relieve your stress! But make sure you do not play for many many hours as you will lose track of time!

Rest your eyes

Do you know that the green colour actually makes your eyes relaxed 😎 ? And your eyes will feel very comfortable when looking afar, with the church of transfiguration and waterway terraces facing you outside?

So just get out, and explore !

Sleep Sleep Sleep

Have early sleeps, and feel free to have afternoon naps! Those will help you be more focused when doing work!

Make a website! Just kidding.

Find a hobby, like making a website and complete it! That will give you a sense that you actually did something you like!

Go to online workshops

You can look at the science centre website, your tuition website or the CC’s website to see if there are workshops! You will not only have so much fun but you will get to learn! These workshops don’t have to be just about Maths, Science, English, Mother Tongue etc, but they can be something like Coding in Roblox!

Visit grandparents house

To me, I really like to visit my grandparents house as after all, they take care of us. So why not meet them! They will be happy to see you!

SLS Moe Library

There are tons of lessons you can revise in the SLS Moe Library which will help you revise your work!

Bonus: Visit my website!

Visit (new url: regularly if you are free as I will have more put up for you!

Thanks, and Happy Holidays

I hope to see you next year, and please do enjoy this holiday! Have a nice day!

Jing Yao

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