Tips and Tricks To Making a Zoom Virtual Party

Hi everyone! With the omicron varient worrying all of us, we don’t really host that many parties, don’t we? Have you ever thought of making a virtual party then? Here are some tips and tricks to making a zoom virtual party to keep you and your family safe!

Virtual Background

To make your party much more fun, you can send all of your guests a virtual background! To do that, you can go to this website and create your very own customisable virtual background! There are many templates for you to start on and once you finish creating the virtual background, make sure you send the image to all of your guests!



So now…. the hard part… you might be wondering how to play games virtually online right? Don’t worry! I got you covered! Go to this link on your computer and search for apps that are ment for you to play games with your guests! This will come in handy for general meetings too!

You can also create a kahoot, gimkit, or a blooket game! That will allow you to create a customisable game without any hasstle.

Another alternative is to go to your favourite game online which supports multiplayer, and create a private server for you to play together (note that some games require you to spend in game money to use this feature)




You can go to slidesgo and create a presentation to make your guests understand what they will be doing in the party! Another thing you should definitely do is to find music online and place them in your presentation to make your guests not feel bored!

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