What app I cannot survive without


In this post, I am going to share with you what app I always rely on, and will not be able to survive without it!

Without further ado, lets start!

Apple Music

I always love to listen to music weather for studying or to relax! It helps me focus, and relieve my stress during the exam period! And with the new spatial audio, it allows music artists to make their music a whole new level!


I use Apple Calendar to help organize my day! Especially when students in Singapore are not allowed to continue to have face to face lessons, I will always set reminders to be on time for every meeting I am supposed to take part.


Notion is a great application for me to store notes in in! I will use notion to quickly type all my meeting notes in there and can easily share those notes and allow us to have further discussions later in later meetings!

iWork and Google Workspace

I am a type of person who have lots of files to store, and I cannot survive without these cloud storage platforms which allows me to store files online without having to save them in the computer, and click save to not loose our work (for iWork online only)! Another cool feature is the collaborate function as once we share the file to another person, we can see them edit REAL TIME which is quite cool!

Roblox, Minecraft and Alchemy Stars

Well as you know from these names, they are games! These games make me entertained always and helps to bring fun to my life! This also helps to relieve my stress.

YouTube and Apple TV

These two apps help to entertain me too, and I have a channel in YouTube, so without YouTube, my channel will not be here!


This is not a popular option for students to read books as you will need money to buy an ebook reader! However, I will want to prove you wrong when you think this is expensive! When you buy a kindle, you get to buy an expensive book at a reduced price, allowing you to save more!


Through the pandemic, we always rely on video conferencing platforms like Zoom! This really helped me complete my projects without going in school and meet!


Thanks everyone for reading this post! Hope you have a nice day! Please comment below which you agree and which you do not and I will see you in the next post!

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