What do I blog?

Do you have a blog and always have this question in mind? Well I always do, but let’s not fret! With this post, you will know how to think of what to blog!

Firstly, I usually will think of what I am doing now For example, relaxing on a couch and surfing YouTube and finding something funny. Well, that can be a great thing to blog about – Funny videos I found on YouTube!

Another way to think of what to blog is to think of something that happened recently (you do not want to blog about something you cannot remember)! Maybe the march holidays just started, or it is your brother’s 6th birthday, that can give you inspiration on what to blog!

Here is a little secret from myself – I was thinking of what to blog and I blogged about what am I doing now!

With that, I hope you can become successful bloggers!

Jing Yao



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