What I have been doing this week

Daily Scheldule

I have a schedule everyday for what subject I have to work for! Of course that will not be included here. Only the unordinary events will be shown! So my holidays are actually way boring then you expected it to.

22 Nov 2021:

Booo! Holidays have already started! Once I woke up, my parents gave me some breakfast to eat (sandwich), and shortly after, I followed the timetable. As I was ahead of time during math period, my parent gave me a chance to go to Waterway Point and buy some groceries! After that, I went home and completed the rest of the work!

23 November

What an exciting day! Today, I will go to a Leadership Workshop in school! Really enjoyed it!

24 November

I had a Science workshop and was supposed to have swimming lessons but it rained!

25 November

Nothing unordinary happened.

26 November

I went to a Compo Writing class and really enjoy it!

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