Finding a Founder Escape Trail

Hi everyone! I am going to share with you the Finding a Founder Escape Trail experience that happened at 25 December 21!

How do we sign up for this? Are there anything else to do?

Firstly, my parents went to this website (

and bought the “Finding a Founder Escape Trail”. We soon found out that this trail can start anytime with the chatbot which will give us instructions on what we will do.

After we had breakfast, we went to start the chatbot, as you can see in the image below.

(The password and name are blanked out for obvious reasons)

After it has all been set-up, we needed to go to the Jubilee Bridge to Merlion Park.

The chatbox asked us to solve a puzzle using glues that can be found near the Merlion. We had some diffculty answering it and asked for hints using the chatbot.

After answering the puzzle using the hint given, the chatbot prompts us with another clue to our next location. However, we could not solve it and actually went the wrong way before realising something is wrong. We decided to ask for hint again from the chatbot by typing:


Our next pitstop is the Fullerton Herritage Gallery. We learnt that it used to be a post office in the past, and since the post office is in the center of Singapore, everyone can easily be led to that place! They asked us what is Rome in Singapore (as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome) and we figured out the answer!

When we reached the Junction which was where they told us to go, they said, “Find the red and black sign that shows the value of a hundred halves, then continue forward and turn left at the Fork. Follow the sounds of gushing water.” and we did not understand a single bit. We walked for very long and decided to go back! We then guessed that that is Singtel or Bank of China but we were wrong. But thankfully, my brother got it correct!

We continued to move to a place where children were leaping in the water, and gotten another question about how people in the olden days cross the bridge near the children leaping in the water! I helped answer the question and went over the bridge, overlooking the river.

We saw some reflective spheres and that was linked to a question, and we knew the answer in no time! We went to a sculpture and I did not understand the questions they were asking, so I asked my family to help me answer it! When they were correct, we went to Raffles and followed where he was looking at, and we crossed the street, and they told us to answer what the lady of justice was holding, and after answering that question, we walked to the Singapore Recreation Club and went to the Civilisation War Memorial from there!

We had to answer what the words on the Civilisation War Memorial was in order, and went to a MRT Underground Station to Exit D and walked to the glass door to the left, and quickly exited the tunnel to a carpark leading us to The Esplanade Theatres and excited it to a place near 7-11 convinience store.

We looked at the buildings and answered the question asked, and finally finished the trail.

Map of our trail through various pitstops:

Hope you have fun reading this!

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