#2 Journey to being a Senior Sixer.

It was somewhere at July (I think) that I have been notified of my CCA arrangement. I was relieved to realise that I am in Scouts! I feared that I have no CCA to go to, and have to pick one that I dislike.

So, the first session of scouts began…

I now knew that the senior sixers have to recite the scouts law at every lesson, and then proceeded to the “Uniform Check”. It is basically when the teachers check the senior sixer’s attire, check the assistant senior sixer, then to the Cub Scouts. Shortly after, I was introduced by my teachers in scouts. We gone through the Scouts Motto, Law, and more.

We got to memorise the Scouts Law, and shortly proceeded to the Games topic.

Here are some things to take note of every Scouts Meeting’s Schedule:

  1. When you go for scouts, place your bags, and quickly take your temperature (Due to the situation)
  2. After that, tell the Senior Sixers to take down your temperature.
  3. Then, go to the wall and see the schedule for the meeting.
  4. Sit down in your groups, in a horseshoe shape

Reasons for having a favourite CCA:

  1. You may not attend the CCA and will not have a great time there
  2. You might quarrel with your Cubs, or friends.
  3. You may not do the tasks for the CCA
  4. You will not follow the rules, and make the teachers do the unnecessary
  5. You will not have your favorite CCA if you take in DSA
  6. You will most likely not get in a secondary school using DSA.

-To be continued-

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