Name and briefly describe the roles of the following appointments:President of SingaporePrime Minister of SingaporeSpeaker of ParliamentChief Justice of SingaporeMember of parliament of your place of residenceThe president must open each Session of Parliament and delivers an address laying out the key priorities of the Government. Apart from that, The President officiates at swearing-in ceremonies of key appointment holders such as the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, the Chief Justice, and Judges of the Supreme Court. When there are state visits, the President promotes ties between Singapore and other countries by hosting visiting dignitaries and making state visits overseas.The prime minister has to play a crucial role in formulating and implementing government policies. They work closely with various ministries and agencies to develop and execute policies that benefit the country and its citizens. They are also responsible for promoting economic growth, social development, and national security. They work with relevant agencies to ensure Singapore’s progress and stability.The speaker of parliament has to maintain order and enforce the rules of procedure. They represent parliament and safeguard the privileges and rights of MPs. They ensure that members can express their views freely and without fear of legal repercussions.The Chief Justice of Singapore provides leadership and guidance to the judiciary. They ensure that the courts operate efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with the law. The Chief Justice also plays a vital role in shaping the direction and development of Singapore’s legal system. They have the authority to discipline judges for misconduct or breaches of judicial ethics. They ensure that judges uphold high standards of integrity, impartiality, and professionalism.The member of parliament of my place of residence, Sun Xueling participated in parliamentary debates, discussions, and voting on proposed legislation. She also has to engage the community through many programs, like the meet the people’s session.
Visit two of the following places (one each from Category A and B) and share with your patrol what you have learnt about the two places.Category A:Supreme CourtParliament HouseIstanaFamily CourtCategory B:Community Development CouncilsSelf-Help GroupsFamily Service CentresVoluntary Welfare OrganisationsCategory A (Istana)I have gone to Istana and learnt about the many things the government does. I also saw many gifts Singapore received from other countries.
Category B (Girls’ Brigade, have donated something to the less fortunate of their wishes, some of which are toys. Through that process, I have fulfilled someone else’s wish, and learnt many values such as generosity and care.
Participate in at least two community activities such as block partiesSingapore Bicentennial ExperienceI have participated in the Singapore Bicentennial Experience where I learnt many historic events of Singapore, like the WW2 and the independence of Singapore.National Museum of SingaporeAfter visiting the National Museum of Singapore, I learnt many interesting facts, and even managed to have a smell of how the Singapore River smelled like in the past. I also had the chance to view the traditional houses of Singapore.
Describe some of the significant events in the history of Singapore from 1945 to the present. For example, separation from Malaysia, the SARS epidemic, introduction of National Service etc.Formation of the PAP in 1954The PAP was established as a political party advocating for independence from British colonial rule and better living conditions for Singaporeans. The party played a crucial role in Singapore’s political landscape and has been the dominant party since independence.

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