CLTC 2022 Reflection Day 1

Hi everyone! Just now, I took part in the CLTC 2022, and I would like to reflect on what I have done! Something that surprised me was that Nixon (My previous CCA Senior), is our Facilitator for the session!

Firstly, we got to plan about a camp and plan the timetable of it. We spent quite a fair bit of time on it as everyone had so much ideas on the timetable! After we came out with the timetable, we brainstormed more about the camp as we are going to present our ideas to the teachers. After that, I got the idea of getting the google maps link and the website where the cubs are planned to go and present them for the teachers to have a better understanding of where and what they will do!

We then went to reflect on our session, and finished making the slides. We even got to rehearse our presentation for tomorrow!

3 hours almost came by, and since we are quick, we got off the zoom session quicker.

Jing Yao

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