De:Xufto Camping Experience | Day 2

For the second day of the camp, we went for a hike to various landmarks of Singapore.

We had had our morning inspection before we had breakfast first. Embarking on the adventure, we plotted out different routes we could take to finish stopping by all the landmarks.

Starting our hike…

We stopped by many places like St. Gabriel Secondary School, and different MRT stations before stopping by Hougang Hainanese Village Centre for lunch. As I was craving hot soups, I decided to have sliced fish soup and rice. As the first few days of the camp were the toughest with us having to adjust to the environment, it was a treat being able to have such a comforting food.

In the middle of our meal, it suddenly rained. It continued even after we finished lunch, all the way till we reached back to school at nighttime.

Therefore, as you can imagine, our shoes and socks would get extremely wet. That caused many of our patrol members to have wrinkly feet, causing extreme difficulty in continuing the hike. Nevertheless, we continued, explored a temple, and stopped by the Air Force Museum.

Afterwards, we went to Mattar MRT station and had one more stop – Cedar Girls Secondary School.

By then, some of us were tired, slowing down our progress. However, we eventually reached our final stop and decided to have McDonald’s for dinner.

Back in school

After dinner, we rushed back to school. During our short break, our seniors understood that some of our feet needed to rest. We had permission to remove our shoes and socks and change into slippers. I experienced difficulty in walking as some parts of my feet swell. My patrol mate had it worse, with parts of his skin tearing off.

The break ended and we fell in at the canteen, awaiting the next activity, games.

For the game, lightsticks (with pieces of images that act as puzzles) would be hidden in different levels of the school. It is up to us to find all the lightsticks and piece the images together. While finding the lightsticks, our seniors would be catching us. After being caught, we would have to return to the canteen to “revive” ourselves.

The game started – we hurriedly went to hunt for all the lightsticks before our seniors could catch us. We started well, locating some of the lightsticks. As we progressed, my friends and I were surrounded by catchers. Luckily, my friend passed me his lightstick before he was almost captured. I had to run to escape from the seniors, causing my feet to swell up.

After a while of searching for lightsticks, I was captured. I had to return to the canteen and revive myself.

After completing the task, I took a break (as my leg was swollen), and went back to getting lightsticks. However, my seniors caught me very fast and caused me to return to the canteen again.

Soon, the game ended. We did not collect some lightsticks and lost the game.

After the game, we had supper and finished showering. We then went back into our tents to rest for the next day.

In the middle of the night…

We were woken up in the middle of the night. Tired (and a little annoyed), we were led to the furn store with our necessary items and were informed that we were having a night walk. Since we had to go alone, I waited for the people in front of me to go first before I had the cue to start the walk.

Most of the time, I was walking tiredly, guided by the lightsticks on the floor. When I had to go all the way up the stairs to an unknown area with different furniture placed all over the place (should be only open for the teachers), I felt a little scared but continued walking.

Finally, I reached the end of the walk (which I found was one of the highlights of the camp). We were told to continue sleeping at the TK Low Hall.

I had trouble sleeping as it had been raining non-stop for very long, and it was freezing at the TK Low Hall. Nevertheless, I did get a little sleep.

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