De:Xufto Camping Experience | Day 3

Early in the morning, we were woken up by a fire alarm. Our seniors woke us up and rushed us to the MPC (Multi-Purpose Court) to fall in. Little did we know, it was a fire drill.

After the fire drill, we had our morning inspection and ate breakfast. Afterwards, we cleaned up our campsite as it was almost the end of the camp. That lasted quite a long, as we had to rebuild some of our structures that fell.

We then had lunch and prepared for backwoodsman at night, getting all our firewood and setting up the fire. I went with Caius to the canteen, getting ingredients from our teachers. However, when we reached the canteen, it started raining. Therefore, our teachers decided to let us cook our meals on a stove.

We managed to cook sweet potatoes, Maggi mee, chicken and corn. It took us about 3 hours to finish cooking and eating everything, as there was a limited number of stoves available for us.

Next, we had a campfire. Joining us for the campfire was another 3 alumni of our unit, and we performed our patrol cheer and our patrol performance.

During the alumni’s sharing, we managed to learn more about his past camp experiences and how scouting shaped their lives today. After the campfire, they even gave us soft drinks for us to enjoy, as the camp came to an end.

We took a group photo together and proceeded to shower and go to sleep.

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