De:Xufto Camping Experience | Day 4

On the final day of Dexufto, we fell in at the TK Low hall and had our longest morning inspection yet, as we were unable to meet the strict time given to unpack all our items.

After morning inspection, we had our breakfast, and got ready to be dismissed by taking down all our tents and packing everything into our bags.

We then transported all the benches and items that belonged to the school back to their original places, before having lunch.

When we were done with lunch, we resumed clearing the campsite until about 3pm.

Afterwards, we had a debrief by our teachers and camp seniors who concluded the camp.


Although this camp was quite tough, I was able to make new friends and be together with people who I didn’t really interact with in normal weekly meetings. Apart from that, I really enjoyed our hike outside, where I was able to get outside food, and walk across different areas.

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