I’ve graduated!

Yesterday, I participated in my school’s graduation ceremony. Being the graduating batch of the school this year, I felt excited, yet unhappy that I’ll be separated from my friends. Here’s what happened that day…

Before the ceremony began, my family and I went to school. As I gathered in the IBC (Indoor Basketball Court), I felt nervous as my parents would be watching me when I receive my awards.

When it was almost time for the ceremony to commence, my classmates and I went to prepare for the class march and marched into the hall.

When we all settled down, the ceremony started and after we sang the school song and the national anthem, my principal had a speech to say. During his speech, I was even mentioned!

After the awards ceremony and a montage of photos taken of us, our parents left and we saw a drama performance performed by some P6 graduates. It was interesting and I believe everyone enjoyed it.

In the middle of the performance, the whole level did a dance of the song called “Levitating” and I had a lot of fun dancing to the teachers.

Once the performance ended, we had pizza which was bought by our teachers. We spent the last hours together talking and having fun, and I couldn’t believe I would be parting ways with them. After eating, I quickly rushed towards the photo booth with my friends and took a picture together.

As it was time to leave the hall, we cleaned up and proceeded to a holding room where we were given gifts. After receiving my graduation certificate and received the photo I took with my friends, I helped my teacher bring some things down to the staff room and proceeded back home

Although it was 6 years of my life in primary school, I felt like time passed really fast. As we move on with our lives, we would never forget the invaluable experience I had in primary school, as well as the times spent with my friends. As I move on with my life, I would miss my friends who supported me and went through everything with me. No words could describe how thankful I am to them, and I really hope to be able to meet them again.

I remember the times when I wished I could graduate quicker, but now that I think about it, I wish I can turn back time and spend more time with my friends, and show them how much I appreciate them.

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