Scouts in Secondary School

As I joined Phantom Scouts a few weeks before this post, I realised how different scouting is in secondary school. Here is my experience in Phantom Scouts.

Every week, we will have to fall in at the school courtyard in patrol, and carry on with our activities afterwards. In cub scouts, our seniors would be fine if we talk or move when we have already fallen in, but there is a higher expectation of us as we move on to secondary school scouting. Apart from that, respect is also a more important value we must have, compared to cub scouting.

Photo by Jared Berg on Unsplash

There are activities like foot drills, backwoodsman or pioneering which are more compared to cub scouts, which strengthens our identity as a scout. Although I have not done backwoodsmen myself, I look forward to doing so in the future.

I would also be attending campfires which happen on Saturdays, and I am very excited to meet new people there.

All in all, I believe that the scouting experience in secondary school scouts is vastly different, and allows us to learn many more skills.

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