Scouts Trip to Malacca

Day 1

On the 1st of December, we went to Malacca and embarked on a 3D2N journey.

After clearing customs, we went to Pay Fong School and met different scouts from SM Pay Fong, SMJK Katholik, SMJK Notre Dame Convent and SMJk Yok Bin. Together, we managed to know more about one another through the programmes planned for us. I was thankful to them as they conducted this programme out of goodwill, and although we were an hour late due to the traffic congestion, they welcomed us and treated us very warmly. The best part of the programme was undoubtedly the icebreaker part, where we were able to share more about each other. We were prompted with many different questions that helped us spark the conversation, allowing me to make new friends. Here are some of the photos I took with them.

I also gave a speech about Singapore Scouts, allowing the Malaysian Scouts to understand more about us.

As we bid farewell to the Malacca scouts, we enjoyed chicken rice balls, a renowned dish from Malacca.

After the delicious dinner, we checked into our hotels and prepared for the next day.

Day 2

Starting the day, we had nasi lemak and kueh for breakfast.

We then went on the journey to explore Malacca and started at Christ Church. Built in 1753, it has a long history. The structure of the church was also unique, as it has beams that stretch out, of which each is made out of a tree.

At A Famosa, we managed to catch a glimpse of a fortress built by the Dutch. Only the gateway stands, with the British destroying most of the fortress.

Later on, we visited the Malaysian Prison Museum, delving into the experiences of prisoners. We witnessed live demonstrations of caning and learned about the varied use of rattans based on different cases. Thicker canes were reserved for serious offences like robbery, while the thinnest ones were for religious breaches.

Next, we climbed St. Paul’s Hill and learned more about St. Francis Xavier. The toe of his statue is chipped off miraculously after a worshipper bit off his toe wanting her relic.

For lunch, we split out into our patrols and went to the restaurant of our choice in Pahlawan Mall. For my patrol, we went to Jollibee and enjoyed our lunch there.

After lunch, we went to the Baba and Nyonya Museum where we could learn more about what the houses of Peranakans looked like, and their history. As this museum was once a house that was resided by the Chan family, it allows us to understand more about the different furniture used, and the purposes of different rooms.

We then went for a river cruise along the Malacca River, where we learned more about the buildings there, and had dinner afterwards.

Dinner consisted of stingray, chicken, different side dishes and otah.

To end the day, we went to Jonker Walk and got some souvenirs there together with our patrol.

Day 3

On the last day of our trip, we had a buffet breakfast from the hotel. We then checked out of it and explored Harmony Street.


Why is this place called Harmony Street?

Turns out,

the street was renamed “Harmony Street” as there are 3 different places of worship there, which consists of a Mosque, Temple and Church. It set an example of how people can live in harmony despite our differences.

When we visited Harmony Street, only the Cheong Hoon Teng Temple was open. It practices the Three Doctrinal Systems of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

It was then time to go back home. We bid farewell to Malacca while reflecting on the unique experiences from this trip.

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