Sec 1 Orientation – Day 1

After spending six years of my life in primary school, I was able to experience the first day of secondary school, something primary school students dread after they graduate!

  1. Trip to School
  2. What did my friends and I do?

Trip to School

On the 3rd of January, I woke up at 6 am to get ready for the first day of Secondary school. I felt excited yet nervous as I thought about what could happen in my new school. Are the teachers reasonable? Will I be able to adjust to my new secondary school life? Those were the questions that many friends and I thought of.

Nevertheless, I made sure I was ready for school quickly and rushed to the MRT station with my father as I thought I would be late.

After about thirty minutes, I finally reached my school and went to line up in my class. The facilitators then guided us to our classrooms and let us settle down.

What did my friends and I do?

  1. Learnt more about the history of the school.
  2. Made friends and interacted with each other.
  3. Learnt the school values, motto, vision and mission.
  4. We played some games together, learning facts about everyone and testing our teamwork skills.

Here are the games we played

Rolling the Ball

We were seated in a circle, and the first person with the ball had to answer questions like – What is your hobby? What was your primary school? What is your name?

Afterwards, the person with the ball has to roll it to another person. The person who got the ball had to repeat the previous person’s words and answer the questions.

As the person rolls the ball onto someone else, the steps repeat.


We had to finish a bingo which allows us to understand each other better. Here is an example of what it looked like:

Loves pineapple on pizza

Plays Valorant

Has been on a cruise

Has been to Disneyland

Has read all 7 Harry Potter books

Think action is the best movie category

Loves the smell of durian
Favourite colour is blue
One person can sign one statement on each of the bingo papers

If we found someone that agrees with a statement, that person will mark it off and sign on it. Like the game of bingo, the first person who got a line or a diagonal line will win the game.


We had to line up in order, from first to last, on a theme. If birthday is the theme, the person with the earliest birthday has to be first while the person with the last birthday will have to be last in the line.

These games were conducted with my class facilitators, and I thank them for the effort put into allowing us to have a smooth transition to secondary school.

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