Secondary School Life – What do I look forward to most?

After PSLE, I kept thinking about what will happen in secondary school. In this post, I will write about things I look forward to in secondary school!

Meeting new friends

Although I would lose a lot of my friends that I have now in primary school currently, I would also be able to make more friends in secondary school, and I believe that the friends that I make will help improve myself!

This reminds me of changing classes in primary 4. Although I felt sad that many of my friends will not be in the same class as mine, when I went to primary 5, I made many new friends.

Getting PLDs

As a person who loves using the computer, I am excited to get my PLD(Personal Learning Device). When I get my PLD, I would be able to bring it to school and use it for my studies, which would be beneficial to my studies!


Because I enjoy Scouts CCA(Co-Curricular Activities) in primary school, I believe my CCA in secondary school will be much more fun and exciting. I would definitely look forward to joining Scouts, and go on camps with my friends for CCA.

For those who are going to secondary school next year, what do you look forward to?

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