Trip to Korea – Day #1

On 18 December, my family and I flew to Korea. Before arriving at the airport, we did some last-minute packing and ensured we had everything we needed.

After getting a cab and reaching the airport, we checked in our luggage.

After going for dinner with our friends, we went to the lounge area in the departure hall.

After finishing the rather unappetising food, we went to check out the shops in the departure hall.

We then went into the plane after waiting on the couches near the entrance of the plane.

Here’s a snapshot of how our aeroplane seats are

Since it was a 6-hour night flight, we had dinner on the plane, and I chose to have a traditional Korean food called Bibimbap.

Here is what a Bibimbap looks like:

As you can see, it consists of vegetables, meat and a few other added ingredients.

We then started to explore the in-flight entertainment which was quite limited and eagerly waited for us to arrive in Korea.

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