Trip to Korea – Day #2 (The coldest day)

After a long flight from Singapore to Korea, we finally reached Incheon International Airport.

As we exited the plane, from the window of the airport, we could see snow on the ground.

After completing some passport checks, we got our luggage, changed into our winter wear, and waited for our driver to arrive.

While waiting, a celebrity (although I do not know who) was spotted in the airport, and many people swarmed around that person and tried to photograph him/her.

After the taxi driver arrived, we walked as fast as we could to the car, and as we were outside, I could feel my hands and ears freezing from the weather. We could feel the vast temperature difference after hopping into the car and proceeded to Myeongdong for the hotel.

There was quite a huge traffic jam, and it took a few hours to reach the hotel.

Finally, we reached the hotel.

After checking in, we went to a place selling 곰탕 (Gomtang) which is a beef soup with rice.

But before we got there, we went past this street, to the restaurant.

Here is how the restaurant looks like

Although the food was very delicious, it was very expensive compared to other foods that we ate in Korea. This may be due to the area being a tourist location.

As you can see, the cheapest beef soup costs 15,000 Won, which equates to 16.08 Sgd, and it does not include any drinks.

Many restaurants in tourist locations require each person to have at least 1 item ordered, so if you don’t plan to eat in the restaurant, it’s best not to enter it!

After enjoying the food, we went to the metro, to Jongmyo Shrine. From there, we toured around the area and learnt a lot about Korean culture, like how Hanguel, the Korean writing system, was created.

After about an hour, we went to a hanbok village (a village with traditional Korean homes) and found a restaurant for us to have lunch.

We ordered Italian food, consisting of pasta, carbonara and pizza.

As we felt tired, we went to the hotel and took a nap, feeling tired after the long day.

After sleep, my parents, brother and I went to a place selling chicken

The chicken was crispy, and tasted delicious!

We brought some chicken back to the hotel, and the day ended on an amazing note!

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