Trip to Korea – Day #3 | The most exciting day yet!

On 20 of December, my family, my parent’s friends family and I went on an exciting trip to Nami Island, a strawberry farm, and to Gangchon Rail Park.

In the morning, we got a driver who brought us to Nami Island first. Although it took quite a while to reach the ferry terminal, we were very excited as the day ahead of us was going to be packed with many activities.

After the driver, who knew Chinese and Korean helped us get tickets for the ferry, we went on it with our hands freezing, to Nami Island.

After exiting the ferry, we got a flyer which contained a map, giving us an idea of where we could go to. As we walked around the island, we took many pictures.

After walking for a few moments, we got to an area that has artificial snow on the ground (it wasn’t snowing) and took a few photos there

As the environment here is great, there are even animals around this island. Here’s an image of my brother feeding a rabbit.

Not sure why the restroom looks like it’s going to fall

As we wanted to have a little snack, we went to a place that sells sausages, and ate it! I thouroughly liked the mustard sause added on the sausage.

Lastly, we went on a train which allowed us to appreciate the scenery of the island better.

Although we would love to stay on the island a little longer, we were running out of time as we have many other places to go to. Therefore, we rushed to the ferry and ate lunch on a nearby place selling 다갈비Dagalbi (I hope I typed it correctly….), which has many vegetables, meat and rice on a hotplate.

While eating, I realised that there is a coffee machine that allows us to get coffee free of charge, and it tasted great!

Don’t laugh at me… I’m not a good cook…..

Afterwards, the driver brought us to the strawberry farm, where we were allowed to pick and eat the strawberries in the farm.

The strawberry tasted sweet, and was very delicious!

Our driver then brought us to Gangchon Rail Park, where we split into 2 groups and cycled on the rail.

As we cycled, we went through many tunnels and had a lot of fun.

When we finished cycling, we got on a train which brought us to a place where we met our driver, who will then bring us back to Myeongdong.

But before we ended our day, we had rice for dinner at a restaurant.


That day was a very exciting day, and I enjoyed the cycling activity the most. I could not wait for the next day’s activity, and after reaching the hotel, I went for a late nights sleep.

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