What have I learnt as a leader?

Throughout my primary school life, I have been given leadership opportunities that shaped the way I am now. Here are some of the things I have learnt as a leader!

Table of Contents:

1. How do we stop students from misbehaving?

2. What should leaders do?

3. Anything else?

How do we stop students from misbehaving?

I used to be disliked as a leader as I was too strict at handling things. Although my intentions were good, people did not enjoy me telling them to stop doing the wrong things.

For us to ensure that uncooperative people stop misbehaving, instead of telling them to not do the wrong thing, we should explain to them why this behaviour is not permitted.

For example, if someone is playing roughly in class when there is no teacher around, I would explain to them that playing rough may hurt the players and the consequences that would be brought upon them.

Although it may not be the most time-efficient manner in stopping students from misbehaving, it is one of the best methods to do so, and ensure the students continue to behave.

What should leaders do?

Being a leader does not mean that you can control everyone. In fact, it is an additional responsibility that is entrusted to us. So, leaders should be like any other person but set good examples for everyone.

Anything Else?

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, please do not be complacent and remember to maintain a good relationship with your peers!

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