What makes a good plan for your holiday?

When the holidays came, you probably thought of your favourite game Minecraft and what you should watch on Disney+. Those ideas are great, but we need to revise our work, especially if you are taking the PSLE this year!

Therefore, good planning is necessary for your holidays, and in this post, I will share with you how I plan!

Planning my work

With all of the homework your teacher has assigned to you, together with the assessment books you purchased, you need some planning for you to stay organised! If we don’t have a plan, we would forget what we are supposed to do every day, and this results in issues like forgetting to do the homework or not remembering what we are supposed to do!

What makes a good plan?

A good plan should be short and simple. You can jot what you are supposed to do each day in your notebook or something accessible to you, and make sure you do not do the following:

  1. Too little work – If you put in very little work every day, you would result in lots of time wasted, which is bad. What you should do is to give yourself some time to revise, to make your holiday as fruitful as possible! However, do not…..
  2. Assign too much work every day – A holiday is supposed to help you catch up on your studies, as well as to allow you to have a good break for you to be refreshed for the next term! Make sure you make time to play with your family or even take a stroll in the park!

What else?

Do remember to not spend too much time gaming on your smart devices as that can cause you to be addicted to them! Please enjoy the holidays and stay safe!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Have a great holiday!


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