DSA Experiences

Having been accepted to Maris Stella High School, Edgefield Secondary School and Holy Innocents’ High School, I would like to write about my personal experiences going for DSA interviews in these schools.

Maris Stella High School (Scouts)

Although this is the first school I went to for my DSA interview, I found this DSA interview the most memorable one. Walking to the canteen in my Scouts uniform, I found myself interacting with the students in this school, and talking about their experiences in secondary school. I even talked to the DSA members and found out more about them, hoping to make this interview less stressful.

When it was time for the DSA interview, we were brought to a classroom and asked questions relevant to Scouts. I enjoyed the interview and learnt many things about what the Scouts do in this school, which gives me a good understanding of what I have to expect if I go to this school.

After the interview, we were tasked to create our own hopscotch game using chalk and had innovative ideas on how to make this game more fun, like adding a point system! Having tried the hopscotch game a few times, it was time for us to pack up and go back to the classroom. But before that, we had to clean up after ourselves!

As we were in the classroom, we had a recap of what we did in the DSA interview and went back home afterwards.

Edgefield Secondary School (Leadership)

Having friends that are going to this school as well, I felt motivated to complete this interview. When it was time for the interview to start, I was led to a classroom for the DSA interview. There were principals and teachers in the interview room and felt a little stressed because of the number of people interviewing me. After answering all the questions, we were able to proceed back home! However, before that, we were brought to another classroom where we are supposed to complete a questionnaire!

Holy Innocents’ High School (Leadership)

After reaching the school, I went outside of the general office and waited for instructions to proceed to the DSA interview. There were head prefects and many CCA leaders with me, and I felt most stressed in this DSA interview, as I knew that they have many leadership qualities as well. I went into the meeting room, meeting two teachers who interviewed me. After the interview, we managed to create a poster about Food Wastage and got our creativity skills put into good use!

I hope this blog will give you an insight of what happens in a DSA interview. See you again on another blog post!

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